Monday, 20 January 2014

Sushi with the Sushezi

A favourite meal for us is our home made sushi. I have a kitchen contraption specifically for the job called the Sushezi, it basically allows you to get the placement of ingredients right and squash everything together a lot more easily than you would be able to by hand. You can really put whatever ingredients in it you want, this is just what we do. It kind of developed over time and now we always just have the same fillings because we luff it.

Sushi Rice (any short grain works)
Sushi seasoning
Kewpie Mayo
Packet cheddar cheese or cheese sticks
Seafood sticks
Nori Sheets
Spray oil

1. Wash and cook the rice according to instructions. I like to use my microwave rice cooker for this job. After cooking add a good amount (I think the original recipe I used had about 1/4 cup listed, but now I just add and taste) of the seasoning to the rice and refrigerate while you get the other ingredients ready, so it is not too hot to handle.

2.Slice up everything into strips.

3.Open up the Sushezi, spray lightly and press rice into both sides. Use the stick part (technical term) to press a dent into each side to put the fillings in.

4. Add your fillings, snap the Sushezi shut and use the stick to press everything together.

5. Press out the rice roll onto your Nori sheet. Roll it up adding water as needed to soften the seaweed and stick it together around the roll.

6. Wrap tightly in cling wrap and refrigerate until cold.

7. Unwrap, slice, serve!

We also made some 'free form' sushi piles with the left overs that we ate while waiting for the rolls to cool down.


  1. That device is so cool!! It makes the sushi so perfectly round, I always struggle with that hehe, it looked delicious - probably tasted better than it looks too? :)

    1. Anything with as much Kewpie Mayo as I use will taste excellent! The mayo, cheese and avo make it all really rich and creamy to eat and go so well with the salty soy sauce.

    2. Is that the amazing mayo sushi restaurants/retailers use? I've been trying to find it, it's so flavoursome and creamy...normal mayo just doesn't taste right in it!

      I've never had cheese in my sushi but I'll try it - love avocado!

    3. yep! It comes in a bag with a little baby on it. You can get it in the Asian food section of Safeway (I'm not sure about coles) with the other Japanese food. You can get much better value packets of it at basically any Asian grocer. Just ask for sushi mayo or Kewpie Mayo if you can't find it.