Sunday, 19 January 2014

Aldi Beauty Buys- First Impressions

Following up from my empties post, I bough a few new products today at Aldi. I have used their beauty products before and have really liked everything I have tried, and you just can't go wrong for price.

The products I got were:
1. Mamia Baby Wipes, Scented 80 pack- $2.49
2. Lacura Aqua Complete Multi-Intensive Serum- $9.99
3. Lacura Fine Balance Eye Gel- 3.99 (either on special or a permanent reduction not yet updated online)

The baby wipes smell really nice, but not too strong and not too 'baby'.

I have used the Lacura Serum before, although it was a couple of years ago. They still have the same light, just lovely fragrance to them which I really, really like. Goes on smooth and soaks in nicely. I think the packaging is nice and feels fancy being the frosted glass. A pump means it's easy to use up as much of the product as possible and keeps everything clean.

The eye gel is clear and absorbs easily. It also has the nice scent to it. I have tried a couple of eye creams and not found anything amazing yet. The biggest effect I am hoping for is reduction to bags and puffiness. I can't really comment on its effect to fine lines as I don't really have any yet, but hopefully this can help keep my skin in good condition. I like the little tube, and that the colours match the serum (because how it looks on my dresser is an important aspect...but really....), it is easy to get just the right amount out and not lead to any waste.

Hopefully I can up-date in a few weeks with more detailed opinions. I think things will be more obvious as I am changing from a serum I really like, and not changing anything else at the moment. So any change or continued good results will most likely be due to these products (I have noticed when I don't use my serum that my skin is not as nice, so no change will also be a good result).


  1. They're not certified as, apparently Aldi won't release details to the CCF people. Made in Germany from local and imported ingredients. So I guess it would have a bit to do with the regulations there as well as the regulations where the ingredients all come from?