Sunday, 19 January 2014

Things I've Used Up- Jan 2014

I now understand how weird other bloggers and youtubers feel collecting their rubbish in a little pile somewhere, to take photos of and write about later. It is very satisfying however to see all the things I have actually used up all the way and it motivating to keep working on things from my project pan collection. I also like watching and reading these kinds of posts so I thought I would do my own!

Shower Products
1. Grace and Cole Peach and Pear Body Scrub
I liked this enough to repurchase another scent from the same range, but I think when I use that up I want to look around for something even more scrubby, this is very gentle.
2. Lacura Purify Exfoliating Wash
This doesn't have the best smell ever, but it works well. I have since bought another Lacura face scrub, but a slightly different one which I like more as is smells better.
3. Eslor Replenishing Scrub
A really nice product that I liked using, it smells (...and tastes, oops) really nice. I won't buy a full size however as it is very expensive.
4. Garnier Olia After Colour Care Conditioner
I LOVE this, I wish they made it as a regular treatment to use all the time! I also really like the colour and will keep using them.


1. Coles Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance Free
So handy to clean up hair dye, make-up, vanity etc. and so much cheaper than make up wipes. I will re-purchase however I will get one with a scent because although it is 'fragrance free' it still has a smell and I don't like it.
2. Models Prefer 3 in 1 Cleansing wipes
I found these to be ok but I didn't love them, although I don't know why. I do really like the packaging as it stays shut and stops things drying out.
3. Savy by Designer Brands Make Up Remover Wipes
Meh, these do the job, I like that they have enough product to work well and feel quite refreshing, but I won't be buying them again. I also don't like the packet as it loses stickiness and the top wipe keeps drying out.


I have had this for SO LONG and finally finished it. I don't know how anyone ever gets through full size body butters! It was a lovely smell but I don't need to buy it again. I might get more body butters in the future but there are so many I would have to keep trying different smells. 
2. Bellazzia Palm Tree Vanilla Hand Cream
Part of a set from target this one is the scent I liked the most. I have been using this as an all over moisturizer to get it used up. It works nicely and they were quite cheap too, so would make a nice treat or gift...but I can't seem to find it on the website now.  

Things I didn't Actually Finish
I go this ages ago when I was having trouble with some really tough dry patches. It works but it's very thick and heavy and I didn't enjoy the smell very much at all. It is well past expiry now and has changed texture inside a bit, so it has to go. 
DO NOT WANT. SO oily, stings my eyes, is scratchy and I can't even use it on the rest of my face because it made me break out. 
I really like this and will repurchase in the future. I got another serum that I started using in a sample box and it ended up lasting around 6 months or so. This one has since changed texture as well so I don't want to use it. I found this especially useful at minimizing my pores. 

Make up 
I got this in a Bellabox and was all annoyed that I got sent medium. However it turns out that it is a great colour for me. I find this gives just enough coverage. Alone it gives a nice natural look and pretty flawless skin if you have no major blemishes. When topped with a powder it can give a pretty polished look without all the effort. I will be repurchasing this and I will probably get the other version as well to try. 
I love this and have already bought a new one. This lasted me just over a year using it every single day. I love the colour and texture and find that you can blend it with other colours, or use it on its own easily. 

1. McCell Toner+ McCell Emulsion
I got these as a sample with some Korean Products I ordered. They were alright but not so amazing that I would want to buy full size products. 
2. Sukin Facial Moisturizer
I really like this product and have the full size, although when I have used it up I don't think I will buy again as there are more products I would like to try. 
3. Palmer's Daily Calming Facial Lotion
I wrote about this before. I really liked the way it worked, but didn't like the smell. I think I might give this another try at some point, especially if I can get a deluxe sample or travel size.
4. Avene Clearance K
I don't really understand what this was for...I used it but it was a nothing product really. Wouldn't repurchase this, but I do like the brand. 


  1. Wow so many empties! Well done :) good to hear that you liked the BB cream. I have the other version and I don't enjoy it very much to be honest!

  2. Haha I love it when people hit pan completely on blushes/bronzers, I'm yet to see the pan on any of mine!
    I always thought Almay was the brand for sensitive skins but it's a shame you didn't like their makeup remover pads. I love the BB cream for oily skin also! I wouldn't recommend you get the original version though, it does not beat the green-blue one.

    Good job with the empties!

  3. Thanks guys! I think because I also just started a project pan I have more that I would normally because I have have churned through a few things that were just about done. The blush was great, I got almost every last big out of it, in the end the outter edge crust fell out completely, but it was a tiny amount, honestly I'm impressed it stayed in as long as it did when it got to that point!

  4. Also, two people taking the time to comment against the regular BB cream, I might just save my money then!