Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Back to School Clothes and Stationary HAUL

So, what's more fun than actually doing the preparation I need to for the new school year? Shopping for it of course!
After some light shopping yesterday afternoon, I initially went out to my favourite shop outside Kmart, but for pretty much the first time ever, couldn't find anything I wanted to spend my gift voucher on. So I wanted into Kmart to look for school supplies and ended up getting heaps of cheap tops and basics.
After that I went to Target, another random cheapo kind of shop and a Kaisercraft shop.
Finally this evening I went to Officeworks, and aside from heading back to Kaisercraft tomorrow to get cute papers to make these (below) pencil toppers, I have no excuses to not start addressing what actually needs doing.

Yellow, longish, hi-lowish, lace embellished tank- Kmart- $12
Peach/apricot, longish, hi-lowish, lace embellished tank- Kmart- $12
Owl print, flowy tank with buttons- Kmart- $12
Floral print, flowy tank with buttons-Kmart-$12
Leopard Print round neck jumper-Kmart-$20
Purple/green layered work out top- Kmart-$12
Black/purple layered work out top- Kmart- $12
Basic singlets with shelf mint and turquoise, no shelf black- Kmart- $3 each
Basic tank top dusty coral and dusty magenta (not as bright as they show up here) $2 each
Floral embellished strap tank-Temt- $19.95
Basic tank tops black, nude-Temt- 6.95 These feel like a much more expensive material, its a synthetic blend and is like a slightly suedey microfiber 
Basic Singlet, nude-Temt 4.95 Same fabric as the tanks.

Navy/Cream Damask harem (ish?) pant- Caroline Morgan- $20
Navy stretch skinny pant with zip detail-  Target- $15

Stationary (and random make up)

Five drawer storage tub, blue- Officeworks- 16.96
3 pack binder display books- Officeworks- $2.99
Pick'n'mix bulldog clips and magets- Officeworks- $4.99
Purple wire mesh tray and bin- Officeworks- $5 each
White 2D ring binder- Officeworks- $3.83
Tropical bird print binder- Kmart- $2
Geoprint pastel wrapping paper- Kaisercraft- $1
My Day Chart calendar- Kikkik- $5
Monthly planner (to use as weekly timetable) Kikkik- $10
Lexar USB drive 8GB- Big W- $4.95
Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream, medium- Big W- $15.75
Maybelline Age Rewind under eye concealer-Big W- $~16 Annoyed at myself for these two, I realised this morning that I should have gone to Priceline and got 3 for 2. They are both good products though, so I'm not too bothered. 

All in all I think I got really good buys for pretty much everything and should get good use/wear out of it all, pretty pleased, but not excited at the prospect of putting it away and clearing out some old stuff that is getting replaced. But that's a problem for future Emily. 


  1. I'm about to start my last year for my teaching degree. Would love some posts about your job in the future!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I really want to post some teachery things, so I'm excited there's another teacher reading! Are you studying primary or secondary?

    2. Both! I start secondary placement for the first time this year and I'm terrified! I think I might end up choosing primary when I'm finished, but I'll see how I feel by the end of the year!

      Love your blog, can't wait to read what teacher posts you end up posting! :)

  2. I have to ban myself from stationary shops and aisles most of the year. I'm a shocker! x