Thursday, 23 January 2014

Mirenesse Free* Trial Products

Went to go to the shops today and noticed my letter box was full, and inside I found a fairly over-sized black envelope waiting for me. It has my "free" products that I ordered from Mirenesse earlier in the week inside (VERY fast postage!).

With the offer you just pay postage or each individual item that you order, and you can order up to six products. My shipping was just under $25 and I got three products. Inside the package were my items, some instruction sheets and a bunch of coupons that I won't use...but if you really liked something and wanted to repurchase would be handy!

The items I got were:
-Skin Clone  Mineral Powder Foundation (mini size) in Vanilla rrp $19.95
It came in a little leatherish pouch and is in a nice sturdy plastic container with a separate sponge. It would be better if the sponge had a home in the container, but I guess that's why it has the pouch. I think this will be good to keep in my handbag for touch ups as I use a loose powder in the morning, that just isn't practical to carry around or apply on the go.
-Mirenesse Laboratories Fast Fix Solutions Foot Renew Cryotherapy rrp $29.95
I was hoping this would be like the Milky-Foot type things that make all your skin peel off, but its just a treatment. I am still really excited to try this and will save it for a day after school I think!
-Icon Sealer 24 Hour Concealer rrp $35
I did a quick swatch, in the picture you can see it comes out fairly yellow, but blends well. I assume this would be good for dark circles with the yellow tint, but it seems like it would be helpful on other blemishes as well because it is a good match for my skin when blended out.
Left- Unblended Right- Blended
The offer is still going and there are lots of products still on offer, including all three of the ones above. At about $8 per product and the shipping being SO fast I think it is a great way to try some good products for a cheaper price. 
You can get the offer here:
Did you order anything? What did you think of the products you got?


  1. I picked up the Icon Sealer 24 Hour Concealer as well, can't wait for it to arrive. Enjoy your goodies! :)

  2. Awesome! I hope mine are waiting at home for me!! :)

  3. Great choices! I love that foundation.

  4. Lovely products, you have got such a great deal :)