Monday, 19 October 2015

Pan That Palette 2015 (and probably 16)

After a big clear out and cull of my make up I have decided that my Lorac Pro needs to go. But go the way good make-up should! I find myself wanting new shadows and palettes quite often, even though I hardly use this one despite the product itself being really nice.

I am aiming to use 12 of the 16 shades completely. The first shade I used up totally a was champagne. It took a bit less than a month and I used it EVERY. DAMN. DAY! This is the one colour I really didn't like because of the glitter, although I learned to make the most of it by the end and was (almost) sad to see it gone.I have hit pan and am making steady progress on White, which I use as a highlight everyday and espresso that I've been using instead of liner. 

The current update. 1 down, 10 to go!

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