Saturday, 17 October 2015

Laura Mercier Matte-to-Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Colour Collection

This beautiful set of long wearing eyeshadow pencils is an amazing bargain and a stunning gift for anyone this Christmas! This is my first ever purchase from Laura Mercier and if the other products are as good as these, I will certainly be a return customer. Available at David Jones, the set includes 6 half-size Caviar Sticks (0.8g each) and is priced at $65AUD. There are 4 shimmery colours and 2 matte colours that are all very versatile, wearable shades. 

Price: Amazing value! By weight (compared to Aussie prices) these are valued at $117. They are even better value when compared to the US price of $53USD as that converts to around $73AUD. 

Packaging: I don't love the box these come in, but it isn't bad. The products feel very light in their plastic packaging so they don't feel super high end in your hand, not that it matters because....

Product: STUNNING! These are the creamiest shadow sticks I have ever encountered. They swatch and apply like a dream directly onto skin or you swipe a brush to apply with more precision. They blend out beautifully. I was able to do a better job blending Aubergine into my outer corner better than I have ever been able to do with a powder. They set very fast which is great, but make sure you blend them out before they do as they DO. NOT. BUDGE. Once they are set. I haven't worn any on my whole lid for a long time, so I can't really comment on creasing but reviews I read are quite positive in relation to this. 

Amethyst- Taupe/mauve/brown colour with what I would call a 'cool toned' shimmer finish, the shimmer is there, but it is quite subtle, not metallic.
Khaki- Like the name implies this is a greenish brown with a more gold based shimmer which is even more subtle than Amethyst. 
Inside (Natural Light) Amethyst, Khaki, Rose Gold, Sugarfrost, Ganache, Aubergine

Rose Gold- My favourite colour. This is a beautiful softly shimmery peachy gold shade. I tried it as a brow highlight and it was really lovely and natural, similar to the Benefit Highbrow Glow but more golden. 

Sugarfrost- A highly metallic champagne/beige colour. I didn't think I would like this but it is really beautiful in the inner corner This is the most metallic of the 6 shades and would be great in really flashy looks. 
Outside (Shade) Amethyst, Khaki, Rose Gold, Sugarfrost, Ganache, Aubergine

Ganache- A matte dark (to me at least) fairly warm brown. The name is a good descriptor as it is very chocolatey. I think this will make a really nice liner colour for me and for smokey brown looks for people who like that!

Aubergine- A gorgeous matte, unsurprisingly, eggplant colour. I used this on the outer corner of a standard neutral eye look and it really added depth and, given it's purple tone, made my green eyes stand out. As I mentioned earlier this blended in so beautifully over my other shadows that I am feeling really confident to try to bolder smokey looks with these shadows!
Outside (full sun) Amethyst, Khaki, Rose Gold, Sugarfrost, Ganache, Aubergine

I would highly recommend this set to anyone who doesn't own these colours already. They are a great value buy and can create different looks on their own or matched with other products you already have.

Have you tried these shades or would you recommend any other particular shades from the Caviar Stick line? What other Laura Mercier products do I need?!

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