Saturday, 24 October 2015

Empties October 2015

Here we are with a new round of empty products! I have been diligently working through my collection of items that I wanted to destash and felt were not really good enough to give away but too good to throw out. That collection has now become a rotation of items so as I use up one thing, I often have something new to put in there. I keep it all (except shower items) in a box on my vanity where I will see it and be reminded to reach there first. I have found it really helpful to unpack lip products from my handbag and put them back there to remind me they exist!

1. Fruit Smoothie Mask (similar items available at Priceline) $3.99
This was a lovely mask that I got on clearance from target ages ago. I think it was past its prime in terms of texture but it smelled really nice, felt good and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. These are cheap and cheerful and a nice little treat. They can make good additions to hamper type gifts too. Would repurchase  

This is the third of these that I used up and they have all been really nice. They are super gross to put on as they are a strange membrane sheet and can be a bit drippy, but they all smell light and fresh and leave the skin feeling really soft. They stay on better than many sheet masks too as they come in two pieces. 
Would repurchase

I did not pay full price for this conditioner and good thing too! It hasn't got the best smell and is a fairly gross light brown, but I can look past that if the product is good. This was just ok. It did the job well enough but it wasn't doing anything to actually help improve my hair which meant it was slowly going down hill in the long run. 
Would not repurchase

I bought this from Priceline during a 40% off sale and really enjoyed it. I found it really helped my hair to be stronger and feel soft after each use. I really like the smell of this and appreciated that it wasn't too strong, but lingered in the hair just a little bit. 
Would repurchase, even at full price

5. VO5 Hot Oil $6.99
Another Priceline sale item here. I'm not sure how much these do in the long run but I really liked using them each time. They did leave my hair soft and hydrated and were very quick and convenient to use in the shower.
Might repurchase

I have obviously only used this a couple of times from the sample but it was beautiful! So natural, nice coverage that could built a bit and it blended on so easily. 
Will most likely buy full size

This is a HG product for me. It is very gentle but effective, I can get in the shower with my full make up on and this will get almost all of it off in one wash. No particular scent, doesn't sting my face or eyes (not that I have ever got it right IN my eyes, but I do wash off eye make up with it carefully) and leaves my skin feeling very clean. 
Already repurchased

8. Lush Pink Fun $9.50
Meh. It smells like the lollies, which is nice, but I found this wasn't the best at anything. It can be used for lots of purposes, but there are products from Lush that do all of those things more effectively. 
Would not repurchase

I love every bubble bar I've used. Both of these have great scents that are strong enough without being overwhelming and I got 3-4 uses out of each. I used too much of The Comforter on my first go and found it quite drying on my skin, but using a little bit less it was fine. 
Will purchase more varieties

I really enjoyed this for quite a long time, and only went off it at the very end because I got a bit bored of it. It is a nice smelling mask that very gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft and plump and fresh. It is close to fool proof and so gentle almost any skin-type would enjoy it. 
Would repurchase

Love/hate. Love that it works to make my skin look natural and fresh after powdering. Love that it helps my make up stay on all day. Hate that the mist is not very fine. Hate that it smells so gross. 
Will try others, but may repurchase because it's so cheap and it works

I got this as part of the Mini-Beautorium at Beautyheaven recently and it is the best lip balm I have ever, ever used. I love it! So soothing on sore lips and great to slather onto healthy lips morning and night to keep them in good condition. 
Will repurchase

And that's it! Thanks for reading!


  1. I love LUSH products so much and recently got my boyfriend into it as well. he loves the bubble bars and bath bombs :)

    1. Bubble bars are definitely my favourite thing! I have bought a couple of shower jellies though as its starting to get a bit hot here for baths.

  2. I really like sheer ️️glow too! I got a sample of it, I would likely purchase it too!

    1. It's so gorgeous isn't it?! I'm sort of waiting for a special event to justify getting it as I don't normally wear liquid foundation day to day. I might end up cracking and just getting it anyway!

  3. I never found the ELF spray to have a funny smell, but I've heard that from others too.

  4. I love those masks! Aren't they the best?!