Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Nails

Halloween might be my favorite chance to do themed nails each year! The students in my classes always enjoy them and I love doing something a bit spooky and fun. This year I've gone for some eyes in the dark and thought I would show you all how easy it is!

You will need a just a few things for this look:
  • Base and top coat
  • White polish
  • Black Polish
  • Red Polish
  • Green Sharpie
  • Detail brush
I use gel polish, so the colours I have chosen are from Gelish, Gelish Mini and IBD, but this would work exactly the same way as regular polish, except with the gel you don't need to wait for it to dry between layers.

1. Apply a black base to the thumb, forefinger and pinky. Apply a white base to the middle and ring finger. For me and the colours I was using I had 3 layers of black and 2 of the white. 

2. Using the Sharpie, draw the eyes over the white base. I didn't wipe the sticky layer off and I was happy with how it turned out, but you might like to wipe off the sticky layer. If using regular polish you need to be very sure the white polish is totally dry.  I drew the eyes on by doing the side and base like a triangle and joining them with a slightly curved line before filling them in using a stippling kind of motion to avoid streaks. 

3. Next I added the pupils using red polish and the detail brush and cured it (or allow to dry somewhat). 

4. Using the same brush I outlined the eyes and then carefully filled in the rest of the white space. If you are using regular polish, you might be able to do this in one coat, I needed to apply two coats to cover the white fully.
5. Carefully apply top coat to give a nice shine to the look. This could also look really cool with a matte top coat everywhere except the actual eyes!

And that's it! Using the sharpie made this design really fast and easy. Especially when doing my bad hand, where I always have trouble doing details like the curve of the eye. 

Are you doing anything fun on your nails for Halloween? Link me to it if you are, I'd love to see what you do!


  1. What a cute mani! I'm hoping to create something with a cat.

  2. Love your work! Great tutorial, too xx

  3. I think I'm going to steal this! I don't have a green sharpie, but I've got yellow polish, so I'll probably start with a yellow base & use tape when I add the black. Great, simple idea.