Monday, 13 January 2014

Costco Shopping and prices 13/01/14

So I went out grocery shopping today, so excite. Went into the new fresh food market near my house which seems pretty good value and great if I want good prices but don't want to go into my usual shopping center. I also had a little look at the wholesale butcher in there. Not bad either. I wanted mostly to be able to compare prices at Costco and, without actually writing things down to properly compare exact items, Costco seems pretty on par price wise with slightly better items on offer.

Here is what I brought home from Costco, minus the bottles of water I picked up for a friend's wedding on Friday.

I am most excited for the fish cakes and prawn dumplings which they had out for tasting yum yum!
Here are my price comparisons, I compared to Safeway, Aldi, or Officeworks, with Aldi being the first place to look for a similar item, as I would normally buy most things there: 

                                Costco           Regular Shops     Difference
Sharpie Highlighters    11.99            29.16        17.17
Prawn Hargow           13.79       22.80            9.01           
Raspberries 1kg:         6.49              8.98                    2.49
eggs 18 pk            5.29       5.50-6.00             Even 
Rotisserie Chicken       7.99 ~$10         $2
Ravioli *   11.59           $8 -$3.59 
(*compared to Aldi's version of the Latina Fresh type pastas, I do think the Costco ones are a bit fancier and use free range eggs as well. Not sure if it is a completely fair comparison.)

The other items I bought and couldn't find a good comparison:

Gel pen 50 pack $14.99, I need a better idea of the quality before I can make a fair comparison, but they seem pretty good and dry  nice and fast. 

Gas lighters 4 pack $5.89, this is a great deal! They work well and two of them hav bendy ends. Similar looking lighters cost almost $10 each at Safeway, although I'm sure you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Still, a great deal on something I really needed. 

Nu-Pure 600ml x 24 Bottles $6.49, I didn't do a comparison because I don't know how different brands of water compare. However a 24 pack of Woolworths brand water is $8, so it is still cheaper than regular prices. 

Thai Fish Cakes  40 pieces $9.89, I got these because they're very low in calories so will be great to have on fasting days with some salad or rice. It seems like a good price, but I couldn't find a similar product online. 

Smooze Fruit Ice 35 pieces $14.69, Getting ready for the heat wave! I tasted these the last time I went and liked them. They seem slightly better nutritionally than Zooper Doopers and are a good size. These are also 60-100 calories each so might make a good fast day treat!

French Twists $7.79, These are so yummy and claim only 30 calories each. Sweet and crunchy and cinnamon-y, excellent treat with a coffee or tea. 

Bagels 12 pack $9.99, Always get bagels 1 plain, 1 sesame seed. Love them!

I wrapped up the bagels and separated the pasta into little serving size bags. On a normal night we could have one each (although that still seems like a LARGE serving to me!) for around $2 per serve, or on a fast day we would have half each for less than $1 per serve. Excellent value, even if it is a bit more than Aldi brand! 

Hopefully these prices can  help you if you aren't sure if membership is worth it for you, or if you just want to see some of the products that are available! I will probably do another shop before I go back to work at the end of the month to stock up on some mince and snacks to freeze. 


  1. I haven't been to the Costco here yet, but love the ones in Canada! Good haul!

  2. So jealous of those down south with Costco and Aldi!