Saturday, 4 January 2014

Beauty Products You're Just Not Sure About...

I'm sure you have all tried something at least once and you just can't decide how you feel about it. For me right now I have this feeling towards the Palmer's Calming Facial Lotion.

I subscribe to Bellbox and got a small sachet sample which has been enough to try for a few days and I just cannot decide if I like it. I really feel like its good on my skin and it leaves such a nice velvety feeling... but it just smells so gross when you put it on. I dislike most Palmer's products for the smell and although this is not a cocoa butter smell it still has a kind of strange fake chocolate smell (although its fragrance free, so I don't know where it comes from).

The reviewers at Beauty Heaven seem to agree about the smell but overall still rate it highly. It is reasonably cheap too, but not so great if I get sick of the smell and don't use it up. I have lots of moisturizer to use up before I get something new, so I will have to just pay close attention when I go back to my other products and see if it was making enough of a difference to put up with the smell of it....


  1. How annoying that its fragrance free but still has a fragrance lol! I know what you mean about products like this, I've tried out a lot of products which I really like but the smell prevents me from repurchasing.

    1. I know! Luckily I have an Avene sample and I really like that and it has the nicest smell! Unfortunately I have a lot of products to get through before I can have that :(