Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meme Box Global #9

So it's been a very long break, clearly I'm unlikely to meet my new year goal of a blog every week...but oh well!
I am so lucky to have come home for the long weekend to find my very first Meme Box waiting for me. This is a similar thing to Bellabox, but from Korea and from what I can tell, leaps and bounds ahead in terms of value, consistency and customer service. They cost about $30 each with shipping and they have heaps of different ones available. I quite like that they aren't a monthly subscription, you have to actually order them one at a time or in packs as they are released as this makes it much easier to skip one or stop getting them. I found it annoying to unsubscribe from Bellabox.

The box cam in a giant silver ziplock bag with a tear open seal, inside that the box was wrapped in bubble wrap and it also has tissue paper inside. Cool and very sturdy packaging.

Inside the box there was a standard info sheet explaining what the items are worth and how to use them (as many of the products are obviously Korean, this is helpful) there was also an extra leaflet about one of the products in particular.

As you can see the box is very full and had lots of large or full size items included.
The first thing I got was this Luna "Wonder Essential foundation" in a 15ml size in the colour Nudy Beige.

As you can see the colour is not a bad match for me, which is always exciting in a sample box. It is maybe a tad light on my hand, but definitely usable. It is pretty good coverage, but not too heavy. This normally comes in a 40ml bottle for $35

The next things were these two slightly different samples from the same brand. It is an oil/serum type product, but that's about all I know about it. They normally come in a 50ml bottle for $40rrp
 Then I have this KeraSys Oriental Premium Shampoo (200g). The card says it normally comes in a 600g bottle for $90, but I searched it to read reviews (to see what kind of shampoo is worth $90!!) and it isn't nearly that expensive on Ebay or Amazon, but it is still around $18 US per bottle from what I could see. I used this tonight and it was very lathery- I believe it has sulfates (?), so if you don't want those this might not be for you. It smells really nice and was very effective with the treatment I used after it, I will definitely use this up!

This is the aforementioned treatment- 25cc Hairbooster, full size at 25ml rrp $23 (and I used it ALL in one go, very luxury). This is the type of product that feels like it makes your hair seize up at first, but then after a few minutes it relaxes and goes nice and smooth. What was interesting about this and the shampoo was that my hair didn't feel all slippery and coated like it normally does after my usual hair treatment, but when I blow dried it came out very straight and light and smooth. I really enjoyed this and would probably buy it again as a treat if I got money as a gift or a tax return etc.   

The next product is very nice. This is the Ellegirl "I Say Tint, You Say Gloss" in the colour Rock Berry. It is a lovely lip gloss/stain in a full sized 5ml container valued at $23. I love the colour, it is a hot pink that is very close to red which I think is so pretty! I feel very nice and is shiny but doesn't feel sticky. It seems quite moisturizing and does leave a really nice tint even after wiping it off/blending it in.  

I do think the colour is showing a bit orange-y in these pictures but it was the best I could do at the time. 

Next up- Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque, full size 100ml valued at $45. This smells gross, kind of like dry pet food. However it can be used as a scrub, cleanser or masque and is aimed at reducing pores which I like. I will give this a go and see, the smell is not so revolting that having it on my face for a few minutes will make any good results not worth it. 

And last of all, Savia Magic Count Down 7 Days EGF and Multi-Peptide 5ml, full size valued at $30. This is another serum/oil product. I also tried this tonight and found it felt kind of sticky after it dried at first but now my skin feels so awesome and soft, so I will use this all up as well. 

So, overall I have 7 products and 8 items altogether valued at about $120 for $30 including shipping. I found this was great value and I think I will end up purchasing other boxes. The worst part is that they sell out, so if you are like me and want to try one before buying several months/boxes worth, you have to wait quite a while as you have to pre-order them, but knowing I won't get a quick fix does mean I save my money. You can visit the Memebox site by clicking here


  1. Wow looks like a great box not bad for $30 at all

  2. Now, this is actually a box that would interest me!

    1. I highly recommend it! so much fun and such good sized, interesting products you can't just get anywhere.

  3. ive really debated about getting the memeboxes. i LOVE the idea of trying out new korean products and sample boxes are a great way to get a bunch of things all at once BUT i have a long list of products that i know will work which i want to try so am thinking its smarter to spend my money on those first.
    A Beautiful Zen