Saturday, 1 February 2014

iHerb Order

Last weekend I made an iHerb order for the first time. I ordered some clay powder for face masks and some Ecotools eye shadow brushes, having heard good things about both! Hopefully I will get to reviewing them as soon as I have had a chance to give them both a go.
Ecotools 6 piece essential eye set US$7.99
Now Solutions European Clay Powder $5.34

I had heard they have very fast shipping but was more than impressed!

I ordered on Sunday, DHL attempted delivery on Thursday and redelivered Friday. And that was for only $8 shipping!

I am excited to try out the products and I think I will definately look to iHerb first for these kinds of purchases as they have good prices as well as super fast cheap postage. If you are making your first order, you can use my referral code by clicking here and get up to $10 off, or you can enter the code BJH106 when ordering. 


  1. The clay powder looks great, and it's so cheap!! I'm looking forward to the review.
    That is fast shipping indeed! I'm going to have a browse on iherb. I ordered some makeup recently and shipping took 4 days within Sydney. It's ridiculous how standard international shipping is faster.

    1. I know! I once ordered Bettina Liano jeans that took two weeks and they were also coming from within the same city as me. Crazy! Especially compared to this order because it was Sunday here, so it didn't process until later Monday/Tuesday because of time difference, and still got here for Thursday.

  2. That's super quick postage! It usually takes them 8-10 days for me. But that's to Tasmania! I'd love to know what you think of the clay, i've seen another blogger purchase it too!

  3. I love iherb! That's a neat haul. I'm also a huge fan of Ecotool brushes!