Saturday, 15 February 2014

Costco Shopping and Prices 15/02/14

A slightly larger haul than normal from Costco to stock up on meat to make freezer meals. Getting back into the swing of work has been hard as it is so busy with parent-teacher interviews, sports days, info nights etc. at school that we have been eating really poorly. I need to be more organised with nice food that requires little prep and doesn't make a lot of mess to clean up.

I forgot to compare the price for the big tub of ricotta, it was 5.59 at Costco for 1kg. Although I have bought a big tub like this from Woolworths before, I can't find it online. Their best price for ricotta is $8.99/kg. Aldi's best is $7.97/kg. 

If anyone can comment on the cost of the scallops that would be helpful. I really have no clue there. 


  1. Love your CostCo posts! They make me wish I had a membership card!

  2. Oh so much effort gone in here! Wow! Kirkland is a US brand so the scallops are definitely not worth it, we have such good ones here in Australia and any seafood shop or market would have them.

    I love the Yarra Valley feta too! So good.

    1. When it comes to meat and veggies/fruit majority of it is sourced in Australia.
      Meat from farmers in victoria,
      fruit/ veggies from victoria and interstate.
      this is for Costco in Victoria (docklands and ringwood) I suspect costco in other states source it from farmers in their own states.

      Kirkland Signature is Costco's name brand, but doesn't mean that the product is sourced from USA.
      Just as woolies no name or WOW select brand doesn't mean the product is sourced in Australia.
      I don't know about the scallops, but it would say on the packaging where it is sourced from :)
      Basically being kirkland signature scallops doesn't mean they are not sourced from Australia.

      I know the above information from having emailed them to ask as I prefer to support Australian farmers with fresh produce :)
      You would obviously need to contact Costco to ask where the scallops are from, they are fantastic with responding to emails. I have had to email them a few times about different things and they always respond promptly :)

  3. I got my membership a couple of weeks ago. We bought a trolley of food and saved between 20-80% off Coles prices which is where we usually shop - very happy! I wonder how those mission wraps taste, I was thinking of getting them.

    1. I haven't eaten them yet, but I have bought mission products often from the supermarket and they have always been great!

  4. I should add, the shredded cheese is great and I love how fine it is, perfect for topping things and melting!

  5. What a big price difference but sadly I do not have their membership.