Thursday, 9 January 2014

Window Shopping

I have been wandering around Aliexpress this morning looking for cheap thrills. Initially I was looking for a new bag. I have a lovely mint green Mimco thing, but I used it for all of 2013 and I'm a bit sick of it really. I don't want to spend much on another bag right now, and I know Aliexpress always has bargain items where the risk of it being really bad is not to much because the price is so low. I found heaps of other items that I would usual. I usually stay away from direct copies or fakes trying to pretend they are the actual item, but there are a couple I would like to try just to see if they are even half decent- like most of the things I've bought there previously.

I am putting off buying anything for a little while. I don't need any of it desperately and I know that shipping takes quite a while so I figure the longer I put it off, the longer I keep my money and the higher the chance I decide I can't be bothered or it's not worth it. 
What are your favourite place to shop for bargains online? Which colour do you like best for the bags ( I really can't choose and there are even more colours I like too!)?


  1. There's a love hate relationship between me and window shopping. I need to constantly overcome waves of temptation. I shop for brand name makeup on strawberrynet. I've been looking around on boohoo, asos and yesstyle a fair bit for clothes! I like the nude-ish tanned bag! But that's just because I wear taupes and neutrals all the time. I wouldn't know what to pair with a pink or blue bag!

    1. I have never bothered to ensure my bag 'matches' lol, so lazy. I sort of think it's good online. Sometimes being so overwhelmed with choice makes me give up and decide I don't want any of it.